Pharmaceutical Price Discrimination

Pharma’s Changing Business Model: The Curious Case of Pharmaceutical Price Discrimination

The recent fiscal chaos in Europe may have claimed another (potential) causality: the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to price discriminate between different markets on the continent.

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Evidence in drug reimbursement: Price versus value

The Escalating Race for Evidence in Drug Reimbursement: Price Versus Value

While the recent acquisition spree of Walgreens, a pharmacy chain in the US, seems only tangentially related to the increasing competition for evidence in drug reimbursement, a deeper connection exists.

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Top Ten Global Reimbursement Trends

With many different pharmaceutical markets varying across the globe, and most market access professionals focusing on specific regions or therapeutic areas, we thought it best to provide an overview of the Global Reimbursement Trends to ensure you stay abreast of what is happening outside the confines of your Office Door |Department | Blackberry | Building Entrance (delete as […]

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What is Health Technology Assessment?

Jérôme Boehm, Policy co-ordinator, Team Leader, European Commission DG SANCO, explains what Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is.
Prof. Bruce Campbell, Committees on Procedures and Technologies, NICE (UK), explains why HTA is important for decision-makers

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HTA Around the World

10 Papers offer perspectives on HTA around the world and lessons learned

Leading academics and practitioners from around the world offer their perspectives on HTA in their country and identify lessons learned.

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Utilizing Health Outcomes Data for Company Decision-Making

In this era of pricing pressures, access barriers and strong demand from all stakeholders for more detailed outcomes information, pharmaceutical companies have come to appreciate the importance of demonstrating and articulating the value of their products.

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The Objectives and Challenges of Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

The current Challenges of Health Technology Assessment, interview with Dr. Laura Samprieto Colom, President of HTAi.

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Patient Input in Health Technology Assessment is Imperative

Prof. Bruce Campbell, Chair Committees on Procedures and Technologies, NICE (UK), details why patient input is vital in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Ros Meek, Director of the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (ARMA), explains why ARMA member organisations will in the future become more involved in Health Technology Assessment.

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